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Deal with daggermark

Thanks to the good word from Martro Livondar we’ve gained the attention of numerous sources. A number of start up businesses have cropped up across the kingdom and word is Numeria is considering sending us an ambassador. – Sir Burger Grand Diplomat of the Thorn Kingdom

The history of Thorn

“It was two years ago the Kingdom was founded. A band of heroes faced off against the bandit king known as the Stag lord. In return for their valiant service to the world,Ioseph Sellemius lord mayor of the city of restov sent them this letter.

Lord Kyr Wodenfirst of his name was crowned.
The fortress of the stag lord was torn down soon after. The lumber of the fort was used to aid in the construction of Vancar castle The throne of the kingdom of thorn. The castle as well as the city it resides is named after one of King Kyr’s fallen companions.
Aided by the men and women he bonded with along his adventures the Kingdom grew rapidly. Bandits threw down their swords to pick up plows as the Academy of Arcanix was rising brick by brick.
A woman named Mia came some time last year asking the kings hand in marriage. She, a leader of men and with a score of paladins to back her up managed to get the king to agree and is now ruling over us as our queen. A stern but fair woman, she acts as a balance to her husbands enthusiasm.
We were invited to the outlaw council last year helping gain an air of legitimacy to our throne along with introducing us to the neighboring powers. At the council we became fast friends with the aquatic Representative of out sea councilor Blurggle. We have since been engaged in research on how to replace the ancient and decaying eldrich machinery that allows his people to exist on land.
Close to our kingdom another power arose. A mighty kobold force marshaled to kill an abomination of a gnomes mind trapped in a kobold’s body. A great city not so far east of our own capitol was carved into the rock of the earth. We traded with the kobolds for a time and it was good. Recently the Kobolds vanished without a trace. Not a single kobold has been seen for a hundred miles and dark roomers are spreading.
Last month a local hero was brutaly murdered by a local Rabble rouser. Not only that but the same man also framed the councilor Luthor of embezzling funds from the kingdom. Thankfully the man was caught and and brought to justice, but the kingdom still mourns the loss of the legendary hero Crossbow Ma-gee."
-Excerpt from the Diaries of Drew Ironbeard Scribe of the king, messenger of the capitol and confidant of the High General

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