Cathedral (58 BP; 2 × 2 city blocks, Must choose a deity to dedicate the cathedral to): The focal
point of the city’s religion and spiritual leadership. Halves cost of Temple or Academy in same city; halves Consumption increase penalty for promotion edicts; 3 minor items, 2 medium items; Loyalty +4; Unrest –4; limit one per city.

A Cathedral can only be built if the city’s alignment is the same as the deity’s alignment. A lawful good city, for example, can only build Cathedrals dedicated to Erastil, Iomedae, or Torag. Chaotic and neutral evil gods are not represented here due to the rarity of large organized sects within settlements. Deities marked with “L” reduce the Loyalty bonus granted by a Cathedral to +2, but otherwise gain the normal Cathedral benefits. Cathedrals to deities marked with “P” do not grant the reduced price
on Academies or Temples in the same city for the first Cathedral to that deity built, but otherwise use the normal Cathedral rules. When building a second Cathedral for the same deity in a different city, the new bonuses listed below do not apply–the normal reduced price for Academies and Temples applies instead. Armies created from cities with Gorumite or Iomedean Cathedrals reduce the kingdom’s Economy, Loyalty, and Stability by an extra 1 (total 3 each) if defeated. As long as the Cathedral remains standing, a
new army can be recruited again after one month has passed.

Deities and the benefits they apply to first of their cathedrals built in the kingdom

• Erastil P (LG): One farm per month can be established for half cost (minimum 1 BP).
• Iomedae P (LG): You may designate any one army created by this city “Legion of the Inheritor.” The Legion requires 1 less Consumption and gains +1 OM.
• Torag L (LG): The Defense Modifier of this city increases by 4.
• Sarenrae P (NG): Sarenrae’s healing of the sick and blessing of the crops reduces Consumption by 2.
• Shelyn L (NG): A single Theater in this city can be upgraded to an Opera House of the Rose, increasing the Economy and Stability it provides by 1.
• Desna P (CG): Two roads per month can be established for 1 less BP (minimum 0 BP).
• Cayden Cailean L (CG): A single Tavern in the city can be designated as the Lucky Drunk, holy to Cayden Cailean,
increasing the Economy and Loyalty it provides by 1.
• Abadar L (LN): The cathedral of Abadar doubles as a Bank, increasing Economy by 1 and the city’s base value by +1,000 gp.
• Irori L (LN): A free Monastery to the Master of Masters can be established in any controlled mountain hex, increasing the kingdom’s Loyalty and Stability by 1. If the kingdom does not control a mountain hex at time of this Cathedral’s establishment, it may “save” this until it does.
• Gozreh P (N): Preparing a forest hex for settlement only requires 2 BP and takes 1 month to prepare (same as a hill hex). In addition, cities settled in forest hexes may be treated as a free partial farm,reducing Consumption
by 1 BP.
• Pharasma L (N): A single Graveyard in this city can be upgraded to a Boneyard, increasing the Economy and Loyalty it provides by 1.
• Nethys P (N): A single Caster’s Tower in this city can be upgraded to the All Seeing Eye, increasing the amount of items it provides by 1 for each category (minor, medium, and major).
• Calistria L (CN): A single Brothel in the city can be upgraded to the Flames of Lust sacred brothel, increasing the Economy and Loyalty it provides by 1.
• Gorum P (CN): Any one regular army created by this city may be designated as the Iron Warriors. These troops receive the Improved Armor upgrade for free and begin with the Defensive Wall Tactic–this does not count against the maximum tactics it may learn.
• Hanspur L (CN): All rivers within two hexes of the city this Cathedral is built in count as roads for determining bonuses to Economy and Stability, along with reducing travel time in those hexes.
• Asmodeus L (LE): The Loyalty penalty for all Taxes (except none) is reduced by 2.
• Zon-Kuthon L (LE): Fear inspired from a city in the shadow of the Midnight Lord increases Loyalty by 1 and the Defense Modifier by 2.


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