Military House Rules

Table 1 terminology

Quartering Troops
Armies are expensive to maintain. Normally you pay the consumption cost of an army per week. By quartering your army in an appropriate military facility you take them off high alert, reducing the cost to maintain the army by ¾ BP. A Quartered army reduces it’s OM by half rounded down. Reactivating your army takes a week. The cost of a mercenary my cannot be reduced with quartering.

Buildings required for quartering armies by listed size. If you have two buildings of one size you may treat them to support one size catigory higher. (for example 2 houses could support a tiny army.) You can also quarter 2 armies of one size smaller of what the building can support.
Fine-any city district
Dimuitive; House
Tiny; office of the city guard
Small; inn, Watchtower, fort
Medium; Barracks
Large; Keep
Gargantuian; Castle
Colossal; War Collage

Producing armies
It takes one month to raise an army at the end of the month you make a Loyalty check of (Armies CR X2).Success = your army is assembled. Failure and you have to pay BP = to ½ CR and gain a +4 to your loyalty check to complete the army next month, cumulative with each failure.
A prerequisite of producing your army is to have a building that it can be quarted in within the city. Exceptions-Inns and houses can’t produce armies.

Military House Rules

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